Client Configuration - X-Lite

  • Create a new SIP Account on your X-Lite client application.
  • In your X-Lite client account information, fill out these 3 fields:

UserID: xxxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxxx is your SIP.US trunk number as shown in your SIP.US control panel 


Password: yyyyyyyyyyyy where yyyyyyyyyyyy is your trunk password as shown in your SIP.US control panel.

  • Use the following dial plan to enable calling calling in NANPA(1+10 Digits), International(Do not dial 011), and Emergency and Directory Services(911/933/411):

#1 411|911|933|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|x.T;match=5;pre="1"; 

  • In your SIP.US control panel "Manage Your SIP Trunks & Numbers" -> SIP Trunking -> Trunks -> 'Modify Trunk #' ->

Set your outgoing caller-ID for your trunk by setting the CallerID Override field with your 10 digit telephone number.  

Set the Contact Override field to OFF.

Submit your changes.

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