SIP.US Configuration Guide for Allworx PBXs

SIP.US Allworx Configuration Instructions


1) To set up the SIP proxy, log into the Allworx System Administration Tool and go to Phone System > Outside Lines > SIP Proxies. Select "Add New SIP Proxy"

The New SIP Proxy page is displayed. Enter in the following information:

Description: SIP.US

UserID : Your SIP.US 10 digit Trunk Number (starts with 52) SIP Server: Port is 5060 Outbound Proxy : Leave this Blank Check the SIP Registration Required box Login ID: Your SIP.US 10 digit Trunk Number (starts with 52)

Password: Your SIP.US trunk password

Registrar: Port 5060

Send Digits as Dialed - NOT CHECKED

Digits sent - ALL DIGITS. . SIP.US requires the '1' when sending the number


2) After creating the SIP Proxy, the Outside Lines page will be displayed. There are additional settings to configure on the Modify screen. Select 'Modify SIP Proxy'. The Modify screen which now includes Advanced Settings is displayed.

Enable Early Media - CHECKED

Offer '100rel' support - CHECKED

Obtain DID/DNIS numbers from : SIP To: header field Use DIALED NUMBER in Request URI of outbound calls

3) To create a Dial Plan Service Group, go to Phone System > Dial Plan

Create a new service group for SIP.US or add it to a previously defined service group. To create a new one, select "Add new Service Group" near the bottom of the page. The New Service Group screen is displayed.

Description: SIP.US

Service Group: Put SIP.US in the Service Group by choosing it and selecting "move->"

4) Once the Service Group is created, configure the dialing rules.

SIP.US requires numbers dialed to be in the format of Country Code + Area Code + Number. North American calls require 1+Area Code + Number.. International calls require just the country code + city code + number. You may choose to have a 'prepend' on your PBX (such as 'dial 9' for an outside line, or dial 011 for an International call), however these must be stripped prior to sending out the SIP.US trunk.

You can do this by modify the dialing rules.

5) To create new DID blocks and routing plans, go to Phone Systems > Outside Lines

Select 'add new DID block'. The DID block page is displayed.

In this section, enter your SIP.US DID number with a '1' in front of the number. Then choose the destination for where it is going to route (direct to an extension, auto-attendant, etc.)

Update the Call Route

6) All phones must be rebooted so that they acquire the new settings from the Allworx server. Reboot them either using each handset's on-phone menu (Config > reboot phone) or the Allworx System Administration Tool (Phone System > Handsets)


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