Error: Asterisk IP and Real External IP do not match.


When using the SIP.US FreePBX Module, some customers get an error like the one in this image:

This is typically indicative of a NAT issue where the IP Address that is being sent out by Asterisk doesn't match the IP address that your packets are actually coming from. We are often asked how our module is determining this. Our module does the following:

1. We are looking at your Asterisk configuration in sip_general_additional.conf and seeing what your IP is set to (which is the in the image above).

2. We are generating a JSON request to a URL that we own, and pulling out the IP address that the request came from (which is the blank box below; in this image the customer's firewall wasn't allowing any traffic from his PBX to the internet).


1. Go to the "Settings" tab and click on "Asterisk SIP Settings."

2. Your screen should look similar to the one below. Select the appropriate IP scheme for your system. Ensure that your PUBLIC IP is in the top box and your local IP is in the bottom box. The boxes available to you will vary based on your selection for "NAT" and "IP Configuration."

3. If these are correct but you are not seeing an address in the "External IP" field of the module, it is likely a firewall is blocking traffic from your PBX to our website. Allow outbound traffic from your PBX to the internet.

4. If your firewall settings are correct but you are unable to get an "External IP" populated in the module, check your routing. Ensure you can ping IP addresses and resolve hostnames from the PBX. The exact way to test and resolve this varies, and is beyond the scope of this document.

Once your Asterisk Reporting IP and External IP match, you should be able to register your PBX successfully with SIP.US

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