Using GO AutoDial with Call Menu Directed to Agents


We receive many requests for help in setting up GO AutoDial. One of the most common confusion points revolves around the following dialer flow:

1. Dialer calls customer

2. Customer answers and hears a menu with options (e.g. "press 1 to speak with rep.")

3. Customer presses "1"

4. Call is connected to agent

GO AutoDial is perfectly capable of this functionality, but it takes some special configuration as well as an understanding about how dialing is initiated.


This document assumes the following:

1. You have a static IP address and are using that to authenticate your dialer with SIP.US

2. You have at least one DID

3. You have already installed and set-up your GO AutoDial server.

STEP 1 (Setting up SIP.US as a Carrier):

A. Login to Your Go Auto Dial Server

B. Navigate to "Admin Settings" >> "Carriers"

C. Select "Add New Carrier" and enter details like the images below:

D. Once the carrier is added, you will want to select "Modify" on the carrier and change the "Account Entry" and "Dialplan Entry" to match the image below:

     i. Note that the dialplan assumes you will be using a prefix on your campaign of 702468904911 and then initiating North American Dialing. This dialplan is just a sample entry. The {EXTEN:12} strips the first 12 digits (the prefix) before sending a dialstring to SIP.US.

STEP 2 (Uploading a Voice File):

***Special Note: 

16bit Mono 8k PCM WAV files can be generated through dictation on Asterisk based servers, or on most computers via the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) Audacity. ***

A. Navigate to "Telephony" >> "Voice Files"


B. Select "Choose File"

C. Select the file you wish to upload:

D. Select "Upload" and your screen should be similar to the image below:

STEP 3 (Setting up an IVR):

A. Navigate to "Telephony" >> "Inbound"

B. Select  "Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus"

C. Select "Add New Call Menu"

D. Select the appropriate details for your IVR:

     i. We set ours to go to extension 8001 if "1" is pressed

     ii. We used our single recording for all prompts on this menu

STEP 4 (Create an Inbound Route for a DID):

A. Select "Phone Numbers (DIDs/TFNs)"

B. Select "Add New DID"

C. Configure the record to route to your IVR created in Step 3:

D. You can now call this DID an test your IVR for functionality

STEP 5 (Creating Campaign and Loading Leads): 

A. Navigate to "Telephony" >> "Campaigns"

B. Select "Add New Campaign"

C. Make your campaign like the one in the image below:

     i. Must be "Survey" for campaign type.

D. Upload your audio file (yes, again, this is what actually plays when the caller picks up)

E. Choose a .csv lead file, then click "UPLOAD LEADS"

     i. The format of the file is to have row one with column names, and any additional rows with details such as name, number, city...etc

     ii. Be sure to NOT include the country code in your .csv file.

F. After hitting "UPLOAD LEADS" you will have the opportunity to assign fields for GO Auto Dial based on your .csv:


G. You will now see the results of loading your file:

     i. You will always have one "Bad" row, this is the header, where your row titles are

H. You will now finalize your campaign be selecting a carrier:

     i. You must select "Custom Dial Prefix" and input the exact prefix you entered in step 1

     ii. This is most likely where you will make an error, so if calls aren't going out after following this guide, check this step first and compare against "STEP 1"

I. Choose "Modify" on your new campaign

     i. be sure to set your campaign to "Active"

     ii. be sure to select the IVR you created for "Survey Call Menu"

     iii. Number of lines determines how many calls will be sent at any given time

     iv. Survey method MUST be campaign

STEP 6 (Kicking Off The Campaign):

A. Go navigate to your server's agent login screen (https://yourserverip/agent)

B. Login as an agent and select your "Survey" campaign:

C. Select "RESUME" button to start dialing:

     i. Note that you must have an extension registered to the server for this to work

     ii. Nobody needs to sit at that extension provided you are not directing calls there through the menu

    iii. This agent MUST stay logged in/phone must stay connected for duration of campaign.

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