Configuring eyeBeam 1.5 With

Click the "Down" arrow at the top of the eyeBeam window, and then select "SIP Account Settings." Selecting the line you wish to configure, click "Add."

Next, fill in the SIP information as seen here:

The settings are as follows: 

  • Display Name: Your name.
  • User name: Your Trunk Number. (Found under SIP Trunking tab.)
  • Password: Your Trunk's Password. (Found under SIP Trunking tab.)
  • Authorization user name: Your Trunk Number.
  • Domain:
  • Register with domain and receive incoming calls: Check the box.
  • Send outbound via: domain box should be checked.

Once you click Apply and/or Okay, ensure that that particular line's checkbox in the "Enabled" column is checked. Then click "Close," and you are ready to send and receive calls using eyeBeam 1.5.


Be advised: Be sure to call 11-digit numbers with a "1" in front of the 10-digit telephone number you wish to call.

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