Mitel 5000

This guide will help you get your Mitel device registered with SIP.US, and configure it for outbound calling. The particular customer we worked with on this unit did not need inbound calling, so we have not tested it's viability for that purpose. However, since the device would be "registered," SIP.US should be able to send inbound calls to your device. It is assumed this would just be a matter of directing those calls to the correct extensions.

1. On the "Configuration" menu, you must set the "Fully Qualified Domain Name" to "" Your "Maximum number of Calls" should match the Mitel SIP licensing structure on the unit you are configuring. Finally, be sure to set "User Peer Address in From Header" to "Yes."


2. From the "Registrar" menu, you must set "Enable Registration" to "Yes." Since we are going to use the FQDN and not the IP, leave the IP as "" The port should be 5060, and the FQDN must be set to "" The other settings were left at their defaults.


3. On the "Authentication" menu, you must input your SIP.US trunk number as the "Out-bound Username" and your SIP.US trunk password as the "Out-bound Password." DO NOT enable "In-bound Authentication." Make sure you set "Do not user Out-bound Username in REGISTER" to "No." Failure to do this will lead to the trunk being "In-service" from the Mitel's perspective, but "Not Registered" in the SIP.US portal.


4. This particular Mitel did not need additional NAT settings. Depending upon the ALG or B2BUA settings of your firewall (or SBC if you have one) you may or may not need further NAT settings. We can assist with these settings if you get stuck.


5. SIP.US uses as a back-up gateway. You want to add this FQDN to your "Alternate IP/FQDN List."


6. The "Route Sets" configuration only required two modifications from default. First, set the username to your SIP.US trunk number. Second, set the Hostname to ""


7. We also set the "Hostname" to "" in the "Route Sets" table.


8. This device was licensed for 4 SIP channels. Thus, we created 4 "Trunks" in the Mitel device.



This should be all you need to get started making outbound calls with your Mitel system. Toggle the trunk group to in-service and watch your logs. The trunk should become in-service with no errors. If you have any questions or run into issues which this guide does not address please open a support ticket.

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