Seeing an imposing red warning that reads 'ALERT: CHANNEL LIMIT EXCEEDED' as shown below? Worry not, because your trunk is fine. This error stems from attempting to utilize more channels than you pay for on your trunk. Our portal displays this error to alert you when there are calls you are either not receiving, or not able to send out due to capacity issues. A channel is worth a single inbound or outbound call at any given time. So, if you have 6 channels (as shown in the example image below), you can be on 6 calls MAX at any given time. If you are using all of your channels and another call comes in, that caller receives a busy signal. We also provide you with a handy Capacity Limit tracker that will display how many times you have exceeded your channel limit in the current billing cycle. This issue can only be resolved by purchasing more channels for the trunk or making/receiving less calls.



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    Dalton Acosta


    This is a nice feature indeed... but,,,
    Is it possible to enable this feature to send an email or SMS/TXT to the account holder email as well?
    Is this is possible?

    Thank You

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    Greg Kujawa

    Agreed. This would be very helpful. Since busy signals are practically the equivalent of receiving an SMS message that the SIP trunk registration failed. :)

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