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Keeping customers up to date with service statuses is crucial to operational efficiency. SIP.US uses Statuspage to provide service functionality statuses, updates on incidents, and to communicate scheduled maintenance related to our services.

You can access the SIP.US Statuspage by navigating to:


Why do we use Statuspage

Our goal for Statuspage is to provide transparency and to consolidate updates into a single easy-to-use resource. It allows us to communicate issues quickly and avoid multiple channels of communication so that we can better serve customers and focus resources on solutions. 

Statuspage can also be shared across multiple channels such as email, SMS, Webhook URL, and more. 

The SIP.US Statuspage helps us to:

  • Proactively communicate with our users when things go wrong and when there is planned maintenance
  • Reduce volume of support requests during known incidents and downtime
  • Keep our internal teams on the same page during incidents
  • Be transparent with our customers by showing our uptime percentage and incident dates.


An example of the Statuspage landing view

How to subscribe to the SIP.US Statuspage

Step 1. Go to and click the “Subscribe to Updates” button to expand options.


You may choose one or more options among email, SMS, Webhook, RSS/Atom feed, and others to receive notifications.


Step 2. You will need to check your email inbox and/or SMS inbox to confirm a subscription. Once confirmed, you will be redirected to Statuspage. No further action is required. You are now signed up to receive emails and SMS messages regarding updates from the SIP.US Statuspage. 


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