Yeastar Cloud PBX



1. Login to your Yeastar Cloud PBX and click on the 'Settings' icon in the top left corner



2. Click on 'Trunks' from the settings menu



3. Click Add


4. Create a trunk named 'GW1SIPUS' and fill in the fields as follows:

          Hostname/IP =

          Domain =

          Username = YOUR TRUNK #

          Password = YOUR TRUNK PASSWORD



5. Flip over to the 'Codec' page and swap the selected codecs to 'u-law' first, and 'G729' second. 



6. Click 'Save' and then the orange 'Apply' button in the top right corner. You should now be able to login to your SIP.US account and see the trunk registered on GW1



7. Create a new trunk called 'GW2SIPUS and repeat the trunk configuration process above changing the 'Hostname/IP' and 'Domain' fields from '' to ''




8. Congratulations, your PBX is not registered on both our gateways. Now lets configure outbound and inbound routes. 


9. Navigate to Settings --> Extensions and use the Add button to add extensions. You can add as many extensions as you would like, but at least one is required for configuring the outbound/inbound routes. 


10. Navigate to Settings --> Call Control and click on the 'Outbound Routes' tab at the top.



11. Edit the existing 'Routeout' dial plan and update the name to 'SIPUS_YOURTRUNK#'. Move your trunks from the 'Available' list to the 'Selected' list. Edit the Dial patterns as follows:



12. Scroll down and move the extensions you want to use this route into the 'Selected' box. Click save to exit and click the orange Apply button in the top right corner. 



13. For inbound dialing routes, navigate to the 'Inbound Routes' tab under Settings --> Call Control. 


14. Create a name for your new route (using the DID is easy to avoid confusion). Add the DID Pattern in the following format: '1XXXXXXXXXX' and move your trunks over to the selected box. 



15. Scroll down and select the routes destination, click save, and click apply



16. Your Yeastar Cloud PBX is now configured for use with SIP.US!


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